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Monica Mills Therapist Adults St. Louis Missouri

Individual Therapy for Adults

In-Person & Virtual
in St. Louis and throughout Missouri

Do you feel stuck, worrying about the same things over and over and not feeling confident enough to make decisions that will move your life forward?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt and you feel like an “imposter” in your personal and/or professional life, or perhaps you find yourself constantly “people-pleasing” and struggling to establish healthy boundaries for yourself. You may be struggling to complete your day-to-day activities, or maybe you’re having difficulty getting out of bed at all some days. Maybe you’re feeling isolated and lonely but your anxiety and fear of the worst happening feels paralyzing and it seems almost impossible to reach out and connect with others.

The weight of it all is affecting your life as a whole, and you may be:

  • Struggling to stay focused and productive at work or school.

  • Procrastinating in following through with necessary tasks.

  • Engaging in self-sabotaging tactics, including unhealthy interactions and mind-numbing activities that prevent you from achieving your goals.

  • Feeling too exhausted to take action due to your chronic stress and anxiety.

Therapy can help.

It may be hard to believe that change is possible, but you can feel more stable and in control, even when confronted with uncomfortable interactions and experiences. You can learn to stop criticizing yourself and instead have self-compassion when struggling, and you can learn to forgive yourself for past mistakes. You can develop a willingness to be more vulnerable and genuinely YOU without fear. And I can help you get there.

Therapy with me will help you:

  • Learn to be present and identify what is important and meaningful NOW rather than staying fixated on the past or focused on anticipated future worries.

  • Learn to observe your thoughts and experiences more objectively so that you don’t stay stuck in helpless rumination.

  • Understand that difficult and painful emotions are simply a part of the human experience and that turning toward - rather than away from - these emotions will lead to greater self-awareness and understanding and will, ultimately, allow you to make life-enhancing choices.  

  • Identify your important values and goals so that you can live a meaningful life based on what matters most to you. 

It's time to show up for yourself and embrace life, and I'm here to guide and support you in your journey of growth and transformation.

Common questions about therapy... 

What are therapy sessions like? Generally, we’ll discuss the primary issues and concerns in your life during sessions, but every therapy session is unique and caters to each individual and their specific goals. For therapy to be most effective you must be an active participant, both during and between sessions. It is important that you process and apply what has been discussed between sessions, and there may be times when you are asked to take certain actions outside of the therapy sessions, such as reading or viewing relevant resources or keeping records to track certain behaviors. You can expect the following from me each session: • Compassion, respect, and understanding. • Effective and scientifically validated techniques along with practical guidance. • Objective feedback to illuminate persistent patterns of unhelpful thinking and behaving. • Strategies for enacting positive change.

How long do I need to be in therapy? Depending on your specific needs, therapy can be short-term for a specific issue or longer-term to deal with more difficult patterns or for broader personal growth. The length of time in therapy will depend on the pertinent issues and concerns you bring to therapy. It can be difficult to predict exactly how long therapy will last, but we’ll determine a plan with specific goals at the outset and will revisit this plan throughout the course of your therapy to ensure we maintain a shared vision for measuring progress and concluding therapy.

How do I know if therapy will work for me? I believe EVERYONE can benefit from therapy, but it will be most effective for those who are interested in getting the most out of their life by taking responsibility, enhancing self-awareness, and working toward positive change. Whether you are coming in to address long-standing psychological issues (such as symptoms related to anxiety or depression), are struggling to adjust to unexpected changes (such as a divorce or a work transition), or you are simply pursuing self-exploration and growth, therapy can work for you if you are ready to receive direct, honest, and compassionate guidance and feedback and are ready to actualize what you desire for yourself.

How do I get started? Simply click on the link below to learn how to get in touch with me. We’ll schedule a free, no-obligation 15-minute phone consultation so that I can learn more about your needs and answer any initial questions you may have. If we decide that I’m a good fit for you, we’ll go ahead and schedule your first appointment.

Monica Mills, M.A., LPC

222 South Meramec Avenue, Suite 301

St. Louis, MO 63105


phone: (314) 283-9753

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